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I enjoy science because it's how I make sense of the world. The pursuit of the deepest possible understanding of my surroundings has always seemed the most natural and logical pursuit in life, but I found unapplied theory to be difficult to focus on. I like execution of theory, which drew me to cybersecurity, and as society becomes more connected and computerized, I became deeply interested in the role of computers and those who understand them in our future society. After working at tech startups in Los Angeles developing on-demand mobile applications and consulting in the fashion industry, I began working at Null Byte with a team of hackers and computer scientists to build a team that teaches bleeding-edge techniques and ethical hacking fundamentals. We interview developers, attend hackerspaces and conferences like Defcon, and throw events with local schools and organizations to teach beginners about infosec, with the goal of motivating talented people into STEM careers. I’m a computer science student and board member of Pasadena Computer Science Club, as well as an active member at CrashSpace LA and Null Space Labs. I work with organizations like the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program to bring the best of the hacker community and culture to computer science students and STEM majors, to build a community with the skills to keep our future society free.

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