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Forum Thread : Blue Screen Kali

So I was in the middle of sudo apt-get upgrade and a meterpreter thing I had been testing on my pc and Iceweasel. It started to run quite slow to the point where I could barely move any windows and then virtualbox gave me this error So I logged back in and got this If I try to ...more

Forum Thread : Trouble with instaBrute

Ok first of all I'm new to this site so apologies if I do anything wrong. And I'm pretty new to hacking in general so yeah I know it's a script kiddie thing to use but I tried hydra and I can't do it. So when I perform a dictionary attack on instagram there is a delay but the ...more

Forum Thread : Port Is Closed

EDIT: I finally fixed it. I installed port listener and listened on 4444 an it finally worked!!! Also sorry for spamming posts recently then finding the fix soon after :/ wish you could delete your forums So I've set 4444 to be open on my router and set tcp/udp and the ip is ...more

Forum Thread : IRC Knows My IP?

Ok so I'm completely new to IRC and I just joined my first few irc channels today (#anonops #opnewblood #ufonet) to see what it's like and somehow even though I'm connected to a vpn it says that I have joined with my normal IP. Do other people see this and how can I fix this a ...more

Forum Thread : Ports Won't Open

I've had this problem for a while. I would open the port on my router page but it wouldn't open. I got new internet recently and I still have this problem. On my old router, if I scanned my public ip with nmap it said 4444 was filtered. Now on my new internet it says all 1000 ...more

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