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Forum Thread : How to Intercept Any Email or SMS ?

Recently i was using my mail service for a subscription. And they said me to enter the otp (one time password) sent to my mail on their Site. So i started to wonder Can a person Intercept my Email and how can that person do this. And can we do the same with Mobile's SMS also?


hey guys, I have been on this forum for about a year, I have been lately trying to revive the old "facebook.py" Script. But it's all a waste. As the facebook's new url changing policy. So here i am seeking help with senior members(hackers) of the forum, like typoguy, ghost, ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help with facebook.py

Hey guys, I recently installed python on my Windows 7 Os with help of this tutorial () And copied facebook.py from pastebin. Now I entered details of the victim, slected my passwrd list but when i run the program instead of searching for password it shows... 'Python 2.7.10 ( ...more

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