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Forum Thread : Bruteforce Hikvision Login?

So, i've scanned my network, found my hikvision login page. I'm wondering, can i Bruteforce the password? since, i already know the username, which is by default `admin` . I tried things by my self, though, i didn't get quite the result i wanted. Can someone help me with this?

Forum Thread : Help?

I tried to hack a SQL server, but i keep getting this error? * Error: *.*.*.*: Metasploit::Framework::LoginScanner::Invalid Cred details can't be blank, Cred details can't be blank (Metasploit::Framework::LoginScanner::MySQL) I did user list, and password list? so i don't kn ...more

Forum Thread : How to Connect?

So, i've been trying to connect to my steph mothers computer. First i tried to get her ip adress without going on her computer's cmd.. wich i don't think turned out that okay. I typed arp -a -n in my Iterm2 it gave me alot of ip-adresses yet there aren't alot of computers on m ...more

Forum Thread : Beginner

I'm fairly new to all the hacking stuff, but i've been searching how to's for 2 days straight.. yet none of them worked. So any tips of what i hack, what is VERY easy for even beginners. ( i got kali linux, and have my computer all ready for hacking)

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