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Hello, I am 21 years old and I have a 6 month old baby! I do youtube videos 2x a week, subscribe to my channel <3

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Forum Thread : DIY Backdrop Holder

Hey, I decided to make my own backdrop holder since I didn't want to spend crazy amount of money on something that looked simple enough to make! Video: . This project was super easy and simple. I will say that it is better if you screw in curtain rod holders instead if your ...more

Forum Thread : DIY Nursery Mobile

Hello, I decided to make a nursery mobile for my niece, Keila. I saw these Nursery Mobiles on ETSY for around 60$ which was terrible especially if youre on a budget! I decided that it looked simple enough to be made at home. Video: . I listed all of the materials I used in t ...more

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