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Forum Thread : *****Territory Enhancements*****

Pizza  parlor = +50 max health  Diner = Regain health 2% faster Block of townhouses = Regain energy 1% faster Apartment complex = Regain energy 1% faster & + 20max energy High-rise residence = Regain energy 2% faster & + 40max energy luxury condo communitie = Regain energy 4% ...more

Forum Thread : Territory list - F/P's

x1 Slum = F/p x2 Brown Stones = f/p x3 Blocks of townhouses = f/p x2 luxury  condo communities & x2 highrise residences  = f/p x1 Storefront = f/p x2 Funereal parlors & x2 crematorium = f/p x3 Fence  operations & x3 Olive oil imports = f/p x2 Factories = f/p x3 Cement  factori ...more

Forum Thread : ****Tattoos****

Master Jersey=   $ Tat territory income 5% faster, Snake tattoo 7% chance spirited (def) when attacked ,Cheak tattoo 10% chance 4th skill point when lvl up.

Forum Thread : Ant life world

Is here to prepare people for survival and whatever nature or life throws at you, if you got anything like that post it to ants life world thanx

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