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Forum Thread : ***HOW TO ADD LINK TO TEXT***

High light text you want link added to "left click scroll over text" then click the 4th button on left on little tool bar above, then you can paste your link/ID into the link box. click add link button. click send/reply the text should be blue when a link is added to it.

Forum Thread : *****GIFTS MOBSTERS2 GIFTS*****

GIFTS ARE NOW LOCATED AT ALL ABOUT THE MOBBING *GIFTING* MOBBING FACEBOOK <GROUP> ***CLICK HERE*** I post gifts here for mobster2 players, feel free get what you can there for you & you can reply yours in the category it belongs gifts are good for 3 days or till used up plea ...more

Forum Thread : ***POST your MOBB UP request's HERE***

Post your MOBB UP request's with your link here so that people can ADD YOU.                               **   WRITING IN BLUE ARE LINKS   **          *****All About The Mobbing*****Click Main Menu Here***** * * *HOW TO ADD A LINK TO TEXT* * * ***How to "ADD" a Link to you ...more

Forum Thread : **E MAIL GIFT Tiger Blood**

-- (2)  Tiger Blood --Click Here--                       - 200 Health - 10 Stamina - +5% of max Energy -                             -- More E mail bonuses --Click here--


Dispose of A hot weapon * Jersey              Red carnation -- Red Carnation Convenience store  robbery - Bronx                                   Slurpee Machine Attack a convoy -Downtown -Recipe box Disrupt a shipment - Jersey - Star of florence Reject godfather mission- Amst ...more

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