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Forum Thread : WiFi and DoS

Hey everyone, I'm trying to practice a DoS attack on my home network and I'm running into a number of problems. My question really is more about how my setup seems to work than anything else because when I connect I have the essid of my router which is something like "MyWiFi4 ...more

Forum Thread : Txpower Help

Trying to simulate an evil twin AP scenario with Kali and I'm unable to boost the power of my wifi card. I've tried this on my internal card and also on an alfa card with the same unresponsive results: iwconfig wlan0 txpower 27 When I check back with iwconfig the Tx-power ha ...more

Forum Thread : Noob Seeks Advice

Hello all! I'm new here and just want to say how much I like the site, the helpful articles, and the sense of community I feel from Null Byte. I'm so glad I get to be a part of this. I got a late start to network security and hacking, and I'm wondering how old is too old to g ...more

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