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Forum Thread : Hydra failure string Problem

I am trying to hack myself (searching for my login form vulnerabilities). So I'm trying Hydra for the first time and I used this command: hydra -L user.txt -P pass.txt -s 8080 "my ip" "username=^USER^&passsword=^PASS^":"Wrong" But it didn't work because of the failure string ...more

Forum Thread : Can't Connect to Fake AP

Hi, I'm trying the evil twin method for hacking Wifi , So I do have a compatible Adapter and already put in Monitor mode then used Airbase-ng to make an Open AP (I tried the with the same essid and with a different one) BUT when connecting from the victim's device (tried Andro ...more

Forum Thread : I Want to Pentest/Hack My Wifi

I'm trying to learn hacking wifi access points, I'm starting with my own network... I have to modems here one of them is that I am going to try hack, I have a wireless adapter which seems to be Supported by looking at Aircrack-ng website. Now what ? Any recommended Tutorials ...more

Forum Thread : Hack My Login Form :)

I'm learning PHP and SQL so I made this simple login form bbut since I'm not good at hacking web applications and forms and Couldn't hack it... Can anyone here hack it and tell me how to do it So I can know what a hacker is capable of in a simple script like this. baha.esy.e ...more

Forum Thread : What's This OS Server Named SLIS

Finally, I got my hands on this... I saw that it's named SLIS like the picture shows... it uses Redhat Linux, Fedora distro... It's used in my School's server, As I saw it looks like a command line program or something.. Anyone can Explain it ?

Forum Thread : My Stolen Iphone Back In Pieces!

So I had an Iphone 5 which was stolen weeks ago! I informed the police and everything and I just found it with the help of some friends. It was in pieces and some were taken(I don't know wich parts). Anyway I want to know what can they do with an Iphone wih looks like a rock ...more

Forum Thread : Internet Speed

How Can I test the "real" Internet speed that my ISP provides and how much I can get out of it.. It would be better if you can do it without using any online website. And how to check if they blocks any webpage, hold back the internet maybe sometimes, or the information they ...more

Forum Thread : Home Internet Bandwidth Control ?

So, When we use a home network can we manage to control the flow ? Like control how much of the internet bandwidth a PC in the network can use... or use all of it in a single PC and the others will get a really low internet speed or something like that?

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