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Forum Thread : 5 Most Mysterious Photos from Mars

Here is a list of the 5 MOST MYSTERIOUS photos from the Red Planet (Mars). Video: . Are aliens roaming the surface of Mars? Are they living underground? From strange lights shooting from the surface of Mars to humanoid looking beings, Mars is full of mysteries.

Forum Thread : REAL Grey Alien Caught on Tape

I am pretty convinced that this is real alien that has been caught on tape. If this is however hoaxed, it is done VERY WELL. Watch the video below and I will let you decide on whether or not this is real. Video: . If you do have any information or evidence that this is real or ...more

Forum Thread : Unidentified Creature Found

Here is an unidentified creature that has recently washed up on an unknown beach. Is this real, or just simple photoshop trickery? I will leave that up to you to decide, because after all we have only discovered 5% of the ocean. It is said that we know more about space than we ...more

Forum Thread : How to Play Circus Galop on the Piano

Here is a video tutorial on how to play the INSANE Song Circus Galop on the piano. It is impossible for any one person to play it, so get a friend and attempt to learn this CRAZY song! Video: . Watch the video above to see what you would be getting into if you decided to try t ...more

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