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Forum Thread : 6 Mysterious Photos from the Moon

From UFOs to geographical anomalies, today on ApexTV we look at 6 mysterious photos from the moon. A strange supposed two mile high spire sticking out of the surface of the moon, and a supposed triangular UFO caught on camera during one of the Apollo missions, there have been ...more

Forum Thread : 5 INSANELY CREEPY Deep Sea Creatures

Today we take a look at 5 insanely creepy deep sea creatures. From deep sea sharks that swallow their victims whole to eels that can eat animals several times their size, there are some pretty creepy deep sea creatures out there. After all, over 70% of the Earth is covered in ...more

Forum Thread : Top 5 CREEPIEST Discoveries

Today we look at the top 5 creepiest discoveries. From giant unexplained stone balls to a house with walls full of snakes, there have been some pretty creepy discoveries. What discovery do you think was the creepiest? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below, thank ...more

Forum Thread : Welcome to ALIEN WEEK!

Welcome to ALIEN WEEK! New alien videos everyday for a week! Only on ApexTV. Starting tomorrow, April 19, 2015 we will be releasing NEW alien videos everyday for the entire week, so be sure to tune in for the first video tomorrow! Come check out the ALIEN WEEK playlist here - ...more

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