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Forum Thread : Coding - Hacking Help

I was just wondering, how learning coding would help me hack, and what types of languages I would need to learn to make my own tools for hacking things like accounts, sending mail bombers, creating viruses. And would I need Linux or Unix to create all these tools in or would I ...more

Forum Thread : 0-Days and Cracking Help.

All I'm asking for, is 3 questions answered, pretty basic, even the most basic of hackers might be able to answer these, depending on their skill level. Anyway, enough chit-chat. What is a 0-day and how do you find them/make them? What is the best way to hack webbased logins ...more

Forum Thread : Booter Help

Hi, I want to make a booter that hits off websites. I was wondering what type of programming languages I should use? How do I put that knowledge towards making a booter?Many thanks

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