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Forum Thread : Track IP Adress

Hi to everyone, I need your help: someone connected to my computer with TeamViewer and looking inside the log I found the IP adress and the Teamviewer's ID. Do you know if there is any way to trace back the person behind the connection? Thank you

Forum Thread : How-to Create a Bot?

Hi to everyone, I'm here to ask you any suggestion about how to create a bot that buy automatically specific things in a specif website. Someone says to use PHP. Can you suggest me what I need to do to create it? Every suggestion is well accepted. Sorry for the little inform ...more

Forum Thread : Help with Android Security (?)

Hi to everyone, I really need your help: a few months ago I've put lots of important documents in a vault made directly by Huawei, inside the original file manager.Now, I don't remember the pin for the access and there is none way to recover the password.I really need to acce ...more

Forum Thread : Script on Android?

Hello everyone, I've a question: can I create a script that works on android? This would be my ideally project: when I put a pendrive into my phone, the script inside the usb pen automatically copy the folder "My journey" inside the external drive, is it possible? Someone coul ...more

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