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Forum Thread : Professional Work ToolKit

This is a question i have been wondering for a long time All the people with who work in the cyber security feild di they do have permission to use Metaexploit wireshark hydra etc... for day to day work bases?

Forum Thread : Processor for Kali

Hey everyone im planning to buy a new 2 in 1 hybrid laptop which basically is a laptap and a tablet will the processor affect performance when running any pen testing programmes? What would be a good processor that could make kali run smoothly and efficently to do pen testin ...more

Forum Thread : Jobs for Hackers

Im new to Nullbyte and decided i as my future job i would want it linked to hacking. Whats legal jobs are there for hackers that are well paid and decently friendly? Im asking this question becuase im slowly starting to think about my future and what i enjoy in life i realize ...more

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