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My name is Willy Nyanumba. I am a Men's Grooming youtuber and my topics are based on style, grooming and confidence. Beforehand, I had a wordpress blog that was about making men feel amazing and helping my fellow man. As I grew, I felt that I needed to let people actually see and hear me. That's why I started the channel. I'm all about helping men feel awesome. I really hope you can be a part of this journey.

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Forum Thread : HOW to DEAL with HATERS

Every time success or happiness is with us, there's always a hater looking around wanting to spoil everything for you. You see the thing is, lots of people will be aware of your success but not everybody will be happy about it. That's why I've come to talk about this. I love y ...more

Forum Thread : How to Become Successful

Success is something that is pretty much undefined for the individual chasing it and at most times, people assume that it's when you have a car, house and a ton of money. However, this is not entirely it. Successful people achieve goals and that is what makes them successful. ...more

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