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My day was full of Minecraft, website hopping, and ponies. How was your day, may I ask?

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Forum Thread : Epic Bundle Showcase!

Hello wizards again! Over the past month, I have seen many people's Fantasy Palace Castles, and I really enjoyed them. If any of you would like to show off your new Castle, you can do so here! You can also post some pictures of your wizard in the epic clothing or on the grypho ...more

Forum Thread : The Wizard's Spiral Contests

The WIzard's Spiral will be holding bi-monthly contests on various aspects. Examples of contest are coolest clothing, strongest deck, coolest house by a specific theme, best pets, etc. We will be starting a contest once 50 people have joined. Contest Rules and Procedures: THER ...more

Forum Thread : Forum Rules

The Forum is for chatting and asking questions about Wizard101, but there still are a few rules to go over before posting:Only post things relating to Wizard101. Comments, threads, replies and others all have to be related to Wizard101. There's no talking about the recent Gian ...more

Forum Thread : Welcome to the Forum!

Hello fellow wizards and welcome to the Forum! The Forum is a place for you to socialize with other people, ask questions and just plain chat. In the forum, you can talk about new wizard clothing trends, cool pet transformations, questions (technical, billing, gameplay, etc.), ...more

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