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Forum Thread : Few Question About Routers and Dns .?!

hello . what hackers do exactly with hacked routers , i heard about hackers that compromise a lot of routers i want to know how they have made a rogue dns server ?!?!! it's like dns spoof over wan . i want a specific guide to make a rogue dns server (public) .? what else can t ...more

Forum Thread : Questions ?!

how a computer could be random isn't just following commands ( like in spins or randomizing answers with programming language ) ?! ---- why when we use a vpn still anyone in my local network could sniff my packets .? is there any way to encrypt my packets while sending it th ...more

Forum Thread : A Few Questions

why we should learn assembly x86 if most of computers now are using a x64 OS ?! ------ what language should we learn for making an exploit for a website ?! ( i mean what language to understand websites more and servers to make a python exploit for a server or something like t ...more

Forum Thread : Bypass Google HSTS

Hello, This Is My First Post At Null-byte I Will Tell You More About What I Discoverd In Google Servers .... google have been dealing with ISPs to provide more speed so technically there is a servers in each country that is belong to google but they also appear in whois that ...more

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