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Forum Thread : HTTP/HTTPS/WireShark Questions

These questions popped into my brain earlier. I did a google search, but some answers weren't there, and others I couldn't understand. On sites without HTTPS or HTTP, and just starts with "www", are they still HTTP sites? And I know HTTPS says "Secure" so traffic should be en ...more

How to Java : E1 (Hello World)

This my first tutorial within the HowToJava series, hope this is the correct way to write it...(helpful advice is encouraged) ------------ In this tutorial, I'll be discussing how to install the Java Development Kit (JDK), and an IDE to run it. Downloading the JDK First go ...more

Forum Thread : How to Java Tutorials (Coming Soon)

(For lack of a better name :/ ) I'll be starting a series of Java (Standard Edition) Tutorials here on the Null-Byte Forums. In the series, I'll be covering a range of topics (listed, but not limited to) Variable Types Basic Syntax Methods & Parameters If/Else Loops: For, W ...more

Forum Thread : How Can I Fully Wipe Data Off a Phone?

I've heard that with flash storage, nothing is really wiped off. If someone uses the right tool or program, they could pull "erased" data off the phone. And I know this is a whiteHat/Ethical-Hacking forum, but calling up Apple support, they didn't seem to know what I was talk ...more

Forum Thread : Can Anyone Recommend a Python IDE?

Reason I ask is because (for some reason) the python editor for Eclipse IDE (PyDev), keeps giving me errors regardless of what I write. for example, if i say import urllib someVariable = url.open("exampleURL.com") it will say that urllib is an error, but doesn't exactly go i ...more

Forum Thread : 3 Questions.

Whenever I look at (nearly any) OS, it offers a 64 and a 32 bit OS version. What is the difference between them? Is 64-bit more powerful? If that's the case, whats the point of offering a 32-bit version? If I run Persistence mode on Kali via my USB, and download a tool, next ...more

Forum Thread : Is My Laptop a Zombie?

Yea... I have a feeling my laptop might be a zombie in a botnet... (not 100% sure though) When I looked through the processes running, I see a user that looks like a random jumble of text. Like this (not exactly) : "ç?vß" Strangely, it disappears really quick. And when I ma ...more

Forum Thread : How Can I Run Python Scripts?

So my question is, lets say I one day somehow made a script to do something (i.e. script that searches for key words and updates a online page I keep data on), How do I run the script? (I know Python doesn't have a compiler, so how would I run the script? Is there a program ...more

Forum Thread : Can VPNs "Leak"?

Curious me is wondering... lets say I find a VPN, is it possible to make it leak the real user's IP? (not that I'm planning on doing that to anyone, I'm just curious as to whether or not this is possible, or impossible)

Forum Thread : Normal vs Safe Boot?

Hi all, So I seen the words "Safe Boot" a lot on the internet, but I've never exactly found the difference between normal and safe booting. (I've booted into SafeBoot once, on a Win7 desktop, just found that the background is black, and everything else looked like the normal ...more

Forum Thread : What Does "LHost" and "RHost" Do?

I've seen this in a lot of threads, I know that they set the Local and Remote host, but what would happen if you didn't set them up? (I'm guessing for RHost, if its not set, then there is no "address" then Msf doesn't know where to sent it.; But for LHost, what happens if you ...more

Forum Thread : How Can I Make an Anti-Spambot-Bot?

I want to create a script using Python which detects spambots on an online gaming forum, and automatically reports them. Are making bots legal? Is there a specific Python module/API I need to look for in order to make bots? thanks

Forum Thread : Why Can't Nikto Find My Website?

So I've recently tried to scan Nikto on a website that I have. I write nikto -h WebsiteName (I've removed the website's name on this site. But when i type into Nikto's command line, I put the name there) Nikto replies in a few minutes with something like website not found I ...more

Forum Thread : Question(s) About Brute Forces Attacks

So on an online gaming forum that I sometimes read, occasionally, someone writes on the forums that they've been "hacked", when really, they fell for a fake "Gimme your account info, and you'll get X amount of in-game money". However, in a thread I read today, someone claime ...more

Forum Thread : My Question About PenTesting

So I've been having the question in my head for a while. The tutorials on this forum that show how to hack. If used in real life, are they legal? What confuses me is that WhiteHats are the good-guys and are called "Hackers", and the bad guys are "Crackers". But from reading ...more

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