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Forum Thread : How Do You Know Your Skills

White hack hackers do not infiltrate real systems unless performing penetration tests. However, since real world hacking is illegal and they don't participate in this, how do they know their skills are up to snuff if they aren't penetration testers? Have most of them even hack ...more

Forum Thread : Unbruteforceable Encryption

Are there any theoretical forms of encryption that cannot be cracked? With the advent of Quantum computers busting SHA-512 encryption in the blink of an eye (only partially exaggerated) are there theoretical algorithms or methods to encrypt data in a way that it cannot be crac ...more

Forum Thread : Posting on Two Websites

Can you write articles for nullbyte and post them on your own personal sight, ornate articles written from your own and format them for nullbyte? Will there be site plagiarism conflicts, even if they come from the same author?

Forum Thread : Creating an Access Point

I remember reading about a penetration test where the testers went inside the HQ, plugged a device into the wall, labeled it as "IT DONT TOUCH" and then proceeded to connect to that device from a great distance to further attack the wifi network inside the building. Unfortunat ...more

Forum Thread : Smartphone Interface

Would anyone like to design an app or smartphone interface from which browsing this site from an iPhone device would be easier? I apologize for being needy, but the vast amount of free time I have I am always away from a computer, and unfortunately reading articles from an ide ...more

Forum Thread : Where/How to Practice

Is there anyway you can get some practice doing an entire hack, beginning to end, as realistic as possible, simulated as realistically as possible without doing anything risky and immoral? If you set up your own Virtualbox you know the applications and services, whereas I'm lo ...more

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