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Forum Thread : Armitage Targets Not Showing Up?

I have Kali Linux installed on a separate computer and I have a windows 7 computer. Im trying to use nmap on armitage to scan my wifi for the computer so I scan the network by using mylocalip.0/24 and only my router shows up. it says there is 4 host as you can see in the pictu ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Tools for a Rooted Android Phone?

I just rooted my LG android phone and I have dsploit already installed so what's some other hacking tools for hacking wifi and computer? I also have heard that someone has found a way to put a androids wifi card into monitor mode if that's true can someone link me to that?

Forum Thread : What Is BadUSB?

Can someone explain what BadUSB is? I know it have something to do with plugging a USB into a computer and then it can issue commands, the attacker can access the camera and microphone, etc. but how does it work and is it available to the public? Thanks!

Forum Thread : Armitage Not Working Right.

So I want to hack into my windows 7 computer so I scan my network using the nmap built into armitage. It will scan the network and in the targets window it will have a couple things like my router but it won't come up with the computer I want to come up what am I doing wrong? ...more

Forum Thread : Grub Error

So today I was using grub customizer to change what grub automatically boots to so it worked fine I had no problem until I booted up my computer a couple times and now I'm getting this error "minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible c ...more

Forum Thread : Best Computer for Hacking

I know Kali Linux can be installed on various computers but I'm looking for a really good computer to use for Kali. Currently I'm using my Mac to run it along side OS X but I only have around a 125 GBs of storage so I don't have much room for Kali. I was thinking of going with ...more

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