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Forum Thread : Man in the Middle Using Sslstrip

Hello everyone, whenever I try to use MITM manually with sslstrip and ettercap or with the automated script Websploit it kills the Internet connection of the victim. i tried that in my 2 wifi networks and same people . how can I sniff ssl traffic without killing the internet c ...more

Forum Thread : Rainbow Tables ??!

does anyone have any alphanumeric rainbow tables for adler32 or DES-unix cuz I have some hashes in these formats and cracking each1 of them would be such a pain in the arse and making ranbow tabes is also I searched a lot in the web I found only tables of some boring hashes li ...more

Forum Thread : What Kind of Hashes Could That Be

hi after hacking a website (with a microsoft access db) I found some weird resuts : see the picture ,what kind of hash can that be ? what can I do to decrypt it ? in addition i have searched in kalilinux hash-identifier it said alder32 its but when i used a decrypter of that ...more

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