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A White Hat hacker whose truly passionate about the art of exploitation, social engineering & anonymity, among others. PM if you need anything.

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Forum Thread : TypoGuy Opening Up

I have been quite active recently as many of you might know, and right now it's hard for me to keep up with everything because of some personal stuff im dealing with. I hope you can understand and I will likely need some time to process this, before I get back on my grind. It ...more

Forum Thread : Any IT-Experts? !

I have now gathered information on my router which has been provided by my ISP. I know that my ISP does not offer help with port forwarding, which means, that if their customers wants to port forward their router, they will have to do it themselves, and their ISP wont provide ...more

Forum Thread : Any IT-Experts Here?

I have changed ISP and come to realize they do not offer Port Forwarding. I spoke to support staff at my ISP and was told I would need an additional router, and any other options would need to be advised by an IT-expert. Since that is beyond their knowledge. I was hoping you h ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux 2.0 (Sana)

I had to re-install kali linux 2.0 and now when I download the .iso 64bit from kali.org/downloads & offensive security I dont have a .iso file in the downloaded folder. I cant find a solution to this problem, so I hope some of you can help me. I also tried 32 bit it was the s ...more

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