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Forum Thread : Slow Laptop Problem

Hi there I am wanting to boost my computer's speed but like its fresh out of the box I also do not want to re-install windows 7 in order to do so... are there any LEGIT programs that will help me boost my overall speed?

Forum Thread : What Is the Best Way to Crack wpa2?

HI there I was wondering what is the best way to crack a wpa2 wifi either with dictionary or without and if with dictionary then can someone also provide me with a link of where to get a alpha numeric wordlist (not from crunch because it is 34pb...) thanks in advanced any repl ...more

Forum Thread : Need Help with Aircrack-Ng

Hi there I have recently posted a forum on how I needed help on installing kali Linux on a virtual machine, and I have successfully installed it, I would like to give a big thanks to these guys: Ciuffy, Ragin' Hacktivist, CyberHitchHiker. These guys are awesome be sure to fol ...more

Forum Thread : Slow Laptop

Hi there I have a laptop that is running windows 7 and the startup is really slow and generally slow as well when I get on, how can I make but laptop faster without wiping it? (already tried msconfig but all startup are crucial like Microsoft and stuff like that)

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