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Forum Thread : White-Hat Grey-Hat Boundary

Hey everyone. So, this is a thing that I have been wondering for a while. Where white-hat ends and grey-hat begins? For instance, imagine that your objective, while hacking, is to find criminals (drug-dealers, paedophiles, sex-offenders, you name it). Of course, if you are o ...more

Forum Thread : Data USB Dongles

The question is really simple: how safe are data USB dongles in maintaining your privacy? I'm talking about the ones were you really need to insert the USB on the computer, not the ones that create a small wi-fi network. Are they safer than the usual wi-fi home connection? Thi ...more

Forum Thread : Privacy

Hi everyone. So, I'm planning on starting my white-hat hacking activities, but I have a few questions that I hope that the most experienced hackers around here are able to answer. I know that using services like facebook, youtube, etc, aren't a plus if you want to keep anony ...more

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