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Forum Thread : Few Questions

Hello guys, i have few questions, please help me =) How can i change my terminal theme? Is it possible? Every line starts with root@elliot$: How can i do this? Can anyone suggest me a proxy seller? If i just use proxy, is it enough to be anonymous? What is the best tool for ...more

Forum Thread : How to Send Fake Emails

Hello guys, i was trying to send a fake e-mail with Social Engineering Toolkit. I am selecting: 1) Social-Engineering Attacks 5) Mass Mailer Attack 1) E-Mail Attack Single Email Address I am doing everything right. But when i entered my gmail, i have this error. How can i fix ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux 1.1

I am using Kali Linux 2, but in KALI2 there is lots of bug. I can't change themes, i can't use proxychains ... Should i install Kali 1.1? note: i will download it from here

Forum Thread : ProxyChains Problem

Hey guys, i have a new problem with ProxyChains and i think i fix other one. When i type ' proxychains iceweasel ' to terminal, an Iceweasel browser opens but everything is same and i got this on terminal (process:6454): GLib-CRITICAL *: gslicesetconfig: assertion 'syspagesize ...more

Forum Thread : I Cannot Use Proxy

Hey guys, i was trying to use proxy with this guide. I have edited my .config file.I checked proxy with SamAir's proxy checker and it says its elite :D.But whe ...more

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