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Forum Thread : Flash & Firefox on Your Nexus 7

Since Chrome for Android decided not to support Flash, here is a great and simple way to get flash on your N7. First, you will need a browser that operates with Flash. For example, Chrome for Android does not support Flash. However, our friends at Mozilla do support Flash, so ...more

Jelly Bean : New OS Tricks & Tips

I started this thread to highlight some of the differences you will experience when using your Nexus 7. A lot of us, myself included, were using Gingerbread and Honeycomb prior to Jelly Bean. There are numerous differences that I wanted to highlight. Feel free to add to the t ...more

Forum Thread : Nexus 7 Theme List

I like the idea of having an area that we can list themes. So, this area WILL NOT include small images (or XML tweaks) but full themes. Also, if you are linking out or posting images please only use original work (aka your own work). I am looking forward to seeing how creati ...more

Forum Thread : Chromebook Versus Nexus 7

I have a nephew heading to college this summer. He is going to be a liberal arts major and plans on writing a lot. Since it is his birthday next month I was debating the merits of buying him a Nexus 7 versus a Chromebook. Any thoughts?

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