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Forum Thread : Malicios Chrome Extension

So all of a sudden, Chrome got very slow at loading pages, and it even kept disconnecting me from time to time. All that was accompanied with the hard drive rumbling (although the HDD LED wasn't blinking as fast). Then I noticed a message at the bottom of chrome while loading ...more

Forum Thread : Infected - rundll32

Hello, once again I need some aid where my wits just won't suffice. On my other PC, I installed windows 10 and Bitdefender as AV. Right from the start I was browsing process manager and saw 2 instances of rundll32.exe. It was suspicios to me since I've never seen the rundll t ...more

Forum Thread : IPv6 Progression

So since IPv4 can't be here forever and the number of IPs is bigger and bigger, sooner or later i suppose many will have to switch to IPv6 , or all if coexistance gets removed. So what do you think how much time since the change becomes noticable and a question for experts - h ...more

Forum Thread : Faceook Phish? Some Help Here

This might sound weird for null byte but I trust it the most.A friend on facebook sent me a link which did look suspicious, so I scanned it online blah blah and it didn't find anything. I don't even know that "friend" personally and it looked like she wasn't sending it - perha ...more

Forum Thread : Router Not Accepting Ping/Connections

I've set up an apache server listening on port 8080 on my friends computer ( For testing, I've only allowed my IP to access it by going to router (Huawei NAT port mapping and specified External IP to my WAN IP, and port 8080 for both external and int ...more

Forum Thread : Hack Through Port (Telnet?)

I've been here some time now butt I've been mostly focusing on Wifi and injecting backdoors solely by social engineering (physical access). However, I have set myself a task. I have a PC behind my router. I have the access to the router,and can forward any port. However I'm no ...more

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