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Site Warning : Virus Alert

I am not going to link directly to the site but it is titled "Dev-Host" and tag lined "The Ultimate Free File Hosting/File Sharing Service." They carry a lot of rooting tool kits unfortunately many of them are embedded with viruses. For example, their Nexus 7 rooting toolkit ...more

Forum Thread : Parental Control Apps

I am going to be giving a younger family member a Nexus 7 as a gift. Of course their father asked if I knew anything about controlling access to adult content. Of course I do not. Any parents out there have any experience in this area?

Warning : Nexus 7 Screen Damages Easily

People, I have owned a few tablets and noticed that the Nexus 7 damages a lot easier (and I mean a lot) than any other tablet. My Motorola XOOM is over a year old and it still looks great. My Nexus 7, which is only a few months old, has been easily scratched by what I would co ...more

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