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Insane about Computers and how they work, Btw I'm a a student of Pre-medical But still who says medicine can't use some "Programming" ;D

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Forum Thread : Need Help in Python Code.

Hello once again null-byte, As programming is an essential thing in hacking, I myself have taken the task of teaching myself how to code but there are always some contingencies But that is what null-byte is for, To get solutions of problems. What I've been trying to do is ma ...more

Forum Thread : No More Python Training?

Hello Null-Byte and fellow aspiring hackers, Its an honor to be learning side by side to the future's best hacker(s) and security professionals and in between. The thing that concerns me is that "A hacker without a programming language is like a Soldier without ammunition for ...more

Forum Thread : What Can I Do with an IP?

Hello there Null-Byte. As there is a very dramatic increase in cyber research and also in the hackers, I would love to provide you with a question that I have been pondering for quite a while. What can I do with an IP? I already have enough info about IP to know what it doe ...more

Forum Thread : How to Clone a Cell Phone?

Hello Null-Byte Everyday something new comes into one's mind that this should be done but things get fascinating when you come to know that its already been done.... My question is that how can one clone a cell phone as I was reading about call spoofing software and When I g ...more

Forum Thread : Call Spoofing Software.

Hello Null-Byte Users and Admins. Its an honor to be a part of this reputable website. As this is my first questioning or writing an article, whatever may the correct terminology be I leave that up to you. The question I want to ask is about as the title says "Call Spoofing So ...more

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