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Forum Thread : How to Perform a Cold Boot Attack?

Hi everyone! Before asking my question i want to say a few things: 1) I already know what a cold boot attack is 2) If i'm asking this here is because our default search engine didn't satisfy my curiosity 3) Please don't take this post like one of those silly How to hack this a ...more

Forum Thread : Broken Nmap

Hi everyone Yesterday i ran a sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and then i turned off my pc. Today I turn it on and nmap doesn't's like stuck at the very begging here's an image : it's basically stuck on the "Starting Nmap" ...anyone has any suggestions please? ...more

Forum Thread : Problem with Parrot OS

Hello everyone I Have a relatively big problem with Parrot os... Today I started my OS and wanted to start the postgresql service( i have already installed it) but my terminal returned a bash: service : command not found... I looked for it in the /sbin folder but it's not t ...more

Forum Thread : IOS Exploits?

Hi everyone I've been reading posts from null-byte since almost 1 year and finally I've decided to join the community :) the title says does anyone know about some iOS's exploit? I'm not just talking about an exploit that can be used with metasploit but any kind of e ...more

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