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Forum Thread : Exploit Payload and Whatnot

Ok so ive been getting a little confused here.. I read that 0day exploits are the best and undetectable by av... I see the word "exploit" and what comes to my mind is that it takes advantage of a vulnerability to install our payload.. So are payload injected into exe undetect ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Workshop in School

So im in class 12 and one of founding members or our school's tech club. We are holding a series of competitions for which we will have an inaugration. So I was thinking that during the inaugration there will be judges and students present and it wud be the perfect time to hol ...more

Forum Thread : Static Ip or Virtual Ip

Question 1 I have a dynamic ip... how do I set a static ip?? I saw tut for windows for setting static ip by changing the setting of ipv4... but how do I do that on kali?? Question 2 I saw about virtual ip in kali... so I set wlan0 as dynamic and set a wlan0:1 as a static ip ...more

Forum Thread : Android Payload Apk

So I made an apk to get meterpreter on my android device... but everytime it installs... it shows MainActivity as name and no image... which looks kinda fake and bad for social engeneering right?? So how do u change that name and pic?? Also we have to keep that app open... i ...more

Forum Thread : Some Questions About Meterpreter

Question 1 I searched and found a way to move meterpreter to explorer.exe so it doesnt die... But how do I do that on android?? Question 2 In WAN hacking, our public ip changes whenever I restart pc or modem. So how can I reuse the meterpreter session on device that I have a ...more

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