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Forum Thread : Man in the Middle Password Sniffer

ok so i finally spoofed a network and i was able to see teh url's and even the images of my victim. is there a kali program specificly for password sniffing? or would i be better off to log the key strokes and hope the victim logs in? is it possible to reroute the victim to a ...more

Forum Thread : Using My Own Wifi

Ok. I'm a noob at this. I was just wondering. Could I use my own wifi to capture passwords and do various other things to people that hook up to it? If so what kind of things can I do? And don't yell at me for this I know it's not the type of question that is well received on ...more

Forum Thread : Raspberry pi3 Coding

Hey guys, I've been wanting to learn Linux and code for a long time now. I have a MacBook Pro and a Windows desktop. I've never heard of raspberry pi until yesterday. It looks like a great, inexpensive and really cool way to start learning code. My question is. Does the raspbe ...more

Forum Thread : App Sharing

Hey guys, Quick question. I play an app called "Rise Wars" it's a lot like the board game risk. Turn based game. Make a move once an hour, 6 hours , or 24 hours depending on the settings. Anyways I own a Mac book, iPad, and iPhone. I mostly play rise wars on my phone but I w ...more

Forum Thread : Paid Background Sites.

Hey guys, I am looking to get as much info as I can on a target/victim. I have used an online site before to get things like address, known relatives, phone numbers email all that stuff but it was a long time ago. So any of you have a go too site for things like this? It almos ...more

Forum Thread : iOS Sms Spoofing App

I used too have an iPhone sms spoofing app. I used it for social engineering. I Recently reset my phone and cannot remember the name of this app. It was a paid app that spoofed text messages. I want too say it was called "line in" or "line out" but I have had no luck in search ...more

Forum Thread : Deleting Windows 8.1 Pro

I've tried deleting it the "proper way". Through system recovery. Every time it says "some require files missing. Please insert disk". Well I don't have the disk. I can find no other way to delete windows off my computer. This 8.1 is an absolute joke. I have to get it off my c ...more

Forum Thread : Firesheep

I tried downloading from a few different sights. All say that Firesheep is not compatible with Firefox. I have the latest version. Has Firesheep just not not cought up to it yet?

Forum Thread : Reverse look up

Looked everywhere. Can't find an answer. Maybe I'm typing in the wrong words. Does anyone know of a free site too look up a phone number? I think it's called reverse look up but not sure. Thank you, The corn

Forum Thread : Paid "Background" Sites

As in background searching "find this person and their background" Have any of you ever tried them out? I have on two of them. I don't remember which ones but it gave fairly accurate info. Nothing to really write home about. It cost me around $3usd to do 24 hours of searching ...more

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