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Forum Thread : Null-Byte Code-a-Thon

hey look I'm back with another idea to bring our community together and an opportunity to learn and grow. Since the CTF was more or less of a success it did make me realize that we like to primarily focus on tools here at Null-Byte. Kali and metasploit are amazing and flexible ...more

Forum Thread : First CTF Awards and Results

First and foremost I would like to declare Joe Schmoe and Dragon Slayer of team ForLulz the First 1337 CTF H4X0Rs of Null-Byte congratulations guys and thanks for participating and posting your write up!!!! A close second and honorable mention goes to team RAZE. Despite their ...more

Forum Thread : Capture the Flag Kick Off!

I WANT TO APOLOGIZE FOR THE FINAL CHALLENGE AS IT TURNS OUT TO BE SIGNIFICANTLY MORE DIFFICULT THAN I HAD INTENDED. With that I'm going to bring the first CTF to an end. Participants and spectators alike can meet in #nullbyte channel on freenode Awards First to exfiltrate a ...more

Forum Thread : Null-Byte CTF Organizers

I am thrilled to see how many people are interested participating in a CTF event. To make these as fun as possible its going to take a couple of organizers to help me come up with challenges as well as set up the environments. So this post is for those who want to be a part of ...more

Forum Thread : Null-Byte Capture the Flag

This started as a very unofficial set up while on the IRC channel and there was some interest in holding a capture the flag event. I wanted to post and see if there was both enough interest, and to make sure it was carried out in a legal and null-byte compliant way. If you hav ...more

Forum Thread : Backdooring with Veil

This might be a really straight forward answer but googling is turning up anything concrete. I'm very familiar with using msfvenom to backdoor an existing exe with a payload. My question is, is it possible to generate a payload with veil-evasion (I personally like the python o ...more

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