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Forum Thread : Anonimity in Kali

As we know recently Anynomous have declared cyberwar against ISIS. They have published tutorial for newbies for hacking, there they have said that Kali is not best for anonimity "Despite what other anons and the internet is saying, Kali isn't useful to you unless you have you ...more

Forum Thread : Database Leak

Many time I read about populer websites got hacked by hackers.So I want to know how those blackhats access websites database like logins,personal info,etc and leak them to public,whats their benifite in that..?

Forum Thread : Metepreter Reverse TCP

I want to make an pdf file with embedded exe with metepreter reverse tcp conection.I want to know that can i connect it any time i want or i can connect only once?If once how can i make it to connect any time i want.

Forum Thread : Encrypted Password

Hi there,I have some encrypted passwords from cyberoam UTM.I want to get them decrypted,but dont know how(beacuse i am newbie)?I can anyone please help...and I have also some decrypted password of them.

Forum Thread : Mr.Robot

Hi,I want to ask that how i can get knowledge like Elliot in Mr.Robot.I am very impressed by his knowledge(may be beacuse i am newbie) like he he finds the infected server in 2nd episod,like he concludes that the server is rootkited,and many more ...more

Forum Thread : Map Network

Hi...,I want to know how i can map network(i want to get access database server) from using LAN in my college.Actually i want to get students data from of my college.Please explain structure of Network.I dont know about it.

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