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Forum Thread : Aireplay-Ng "No Such BSSID Available"

Hi. I followed this guide Anyone knows what could be wrong? Tried google but none of their suggestions fit my situation. They ...more

Forum Thread : BEEF - Actual Usage

Hi. Since BEEF requires the browser window to stay open, doesnt that make it useless? I doubt that many people will actually leave a blank page open. Does one create a page that is interesting to the target, which seems like an impossible task, or how would one use it?

Forum Thread : Which Apps to Install in My Lab?

Hi. Im setting up my lab with Windows XP so i can start testing what I learn from you guys. So far I have installed flash, shockwave and office. Can you recommend other apps? I tried using metasploit search but there are SO many exploits and I am not really sure where to star ...more

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