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Forum Thread : How to Hack an Automated Gate?

I am learning it security and i know very well metasploit and other tools, now i am trying to focus on how to hack gates can someone help me? Tell me about a device, or tool that can do it or send me links to make myself devices needed to do this.

Forum Thread : How to Use Metasploit on Termux

Hi i have just installed metasploit on my phone using termux but i was thinking about two problems using it. The first problem is port forwarding (obviously when i am not in my wlan but when i use my internet connection) and the second problem is public ip that changes. How ...more

Forum Thread : Having Trouble with Metasploit

I am having some troubles with metasploit. Some months ago i used it to create backdoors in windows and android and they worked. Now i am using metasploit with fatrat i checked LHOST and LPORT many times and i can say that they are correct. As you can see in the image metaspl ...more

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