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What's up. I'm Sol(spanish for sun, pronounced like "soul") I'm a electronics enthusiast and love to read.

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Forum Thread : Python IRC bot, v3

Beware, the code is quite ratty. A goal in this version was to be able to update/add commands without having to restart the bot. Mission accomplished. botim.py: import sys import socket import re import select from time import sleep from command import command #Global Varia ...more

Forum Thread : A script to hide things in pictures

Wassup byters, I have a new script I'd like to share called "pichide.py". This script allows you to hide ANY file inside a .png or .jpg file and then extract it. Though there are two problems with this. Depending on what you hide the picture will get obviously big. Second it's ...more

Forum Thread : Ever a little short on proxies?

Hello everyone Sol here and today I wrote a little sumthin sumthin to fetch a list of all the free proxies from hidemyass.com and dump them into a file in ip:port fashion delimited by a colon. http://adf.ly/2tzrM After running this script you should have  a file named ip.lst ...more

Forum Thread : Novelty hacking scene

Hello everyone, here's a short novelty hacking clip I made while playing with the C programming language. While this isn't exactly security oriented. I still thought it might be fun to flaunt because you might see something close to it in movie. Link to source: http://adf.ly/ ...more

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