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Question : How to Stay Hidden in a LAN Atack Cenario?

The majority of the routers because of speed purposes make the communications local to machines inside the network. So how can we hidden and atack machine from being discovered, without seeking proxys and vps outside the network, local proxys servers? If yes how that works, ...more

Forum Thread : Who Are You?

Did you look up yourself in google? Well that's not my point either way. I did some search and didnt't find a presention post, and since WHT is filled with "worlds" I suggest to meet each other right? Unless you want to be Grey or black hat you should have no problem giving ...more

Forum Thread : Evading AV QuestioN

Hello guys Sodacni Here, In a VM enviromnent I sucessfly bypassed AV with a c sharp exe in windows 8.1 x64 with veil-evasion, got a session, but the problem was when i wanted to make the backdoor persistent, i run the persistence msfconsole command says that installed everyth ...more

Forum Thread : Null Byte School Idea

Hello Guys Im relatively new here in Null Byte, I follow this section maybe for an year, but not an everyday check. Everyone who visits for first time understands some facts about Null Byte: The section is very well organized Lots of information, and probably biggest sectio ...more

Forum Thread : Persistent Backdoor QuestioN

Hello guys, Rookie here, so i was watching OTW series, and i have a couple of questions, lets imagine that i want to compromise some machines, and i want to have a persistent acess to it, in a WAN and LAN environment, since when you make a payload the LHOST cant be changed a ...more

Forum Thread : Hacking Android Question.

Hello friends, im a rookie, and i have a question about hacking android, i have basic skills in programing android apps, so i want to know if its possible to merge an metasploit payload like a reversetcp into my app, and if yes, can you show me some lights?

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