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Forum Thread : Fix for Slow Charging Issue

So guys, it's pretty well known the Nexus 7 has a painfully slow charging time. If you're using an aftermarket charger like me, it takes AGES to get the battery to 100%. Has the new 4.2.2 update solved this issue? A custom kernel of any help?

Forum Thread : Getting TouchWiz on My Nexus 7

Hey guys, I have my Nexus 7 running stock Android launcher, but I recently got a S3. TouchWiz is great! The icons from Samsung look waaaaay nicer than stock if you ask me. Is there a way I can get Samsung's TouchWiz on my Nexus 7? I don't wanna spend money on a new Galaxy Tab ...more

Forum Thread : Managing Downloads

I just downloaded a few dozen files onto my Nexus. Most of them are PDFs that I need to read over the next few weeks. Is there any way to organize them into folders - kind of like small libraries - that I can access using a shortcut? Good computer karma to you for answering m ...more

Forum Thread : Did My Root Work?

Hey, sorry for the silly questions but I was trying to figure out if I rooted my Nexus 7 right. I just got a Nexus 7 this past weekend and rooted it yesterday. Since I have never done this before how do I know I performed the procedure correctly?

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