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Forum Thread : Distributed Computing

i feel like we need to be able to have a distributed computing on here for free to low cost (that could go into the forums to make it better) we all have a BA rig with i-5 and i-7 and i know that i not use my computer every day so i'm willing to help out other people with ther ...more

Forum Thread : Ssd and Email

so first i know how to flip the bits on a hard drive to delete data but is it possible for a solid state drive to do the same or will the same software even work. as for the email part i have a spare actived sims card i want to be able to send emails through text or even comma ...more

Forum Thread : NSA

so i'm not calling for a riot just curious so if we wanted to take down the nsa what would be the amount of resources and how would you do it?

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