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Gnome : Help

Hi, so i ran apt-get upgrade (running kali 1.1) and it started downloading all the packages and then started setting them up and part of the packages is the new GNOME: gmd3, during setting up gmd3 it showed a grey screen in the terminal with lots of text about configuration - ...more

Forum Thread : Error 0xC000021a Windows 10

Hi, I am running windows 10 and a two weeks ago, windows updated and restarted to apply the updates. after restart it crashed and showed this screen i can't login or safemode, i tried to boot with hardware signature disabled which showed the same screen. however i can open th ...more

Forum Thread : Help with Linux (Installing php5-Cgi)

Hi, so I am trying to install php5-cgi and I got this error from make command: make: * No rule to make target `/root/Downloads/php5-5.6.15+dfsg.orig/ext/json/json.c', needed by `ext/json/json.lo'. Stop. any idea whats the problem ?? .... i tried google nothing turned out

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