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Forum Thread : Detecting Cameras

Hi guys I have a question about cameras. Suppose there are (1) hidden ip cameras (2) dvr cameras How would you go about detecting them without using anfryip scanner or kismet? Suppose you are at the mall, and that there are cams, suppose you want to tap into them. One perso ...more

Forum Thread : JS Injection and Malware Scripts

Hi guys, Script baby here. Im new to all this, and just finished learning js. So my next question is what a malware js would look like, sample code that is....can anyone give me an example? How would you inject it into a site? Your answers are most appreciated.

Forum Thread : Using Find to Compare Hashes

Ok, newbie here but looking at the process, it seems kind of dumb You guys turn a word list into a hash list and then compare it one by one to the original hash, right? Would it not be simpler just to use the find function (like in word)? If we start with hash A, then FIND t ...more

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