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Experienced c++ programer, game devolper, some avr knowledge and wats to learn cyber security stuff

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Forum Thread : Ruby for Meterpreter

As i found out to write a meterpreter script i need ruby programming language. I seacrhed on the internet and i got to offensive-security site , title custom scripting. I tried out there examples and i got errors, the say to print the comand is print_status("Hello World") but ...more

Forum Thread : Resources Scrpits

I have two questions: 1.How can I make a resource script in msfconsole that can take my ip adress by itself? 2.Can i make a resource script with meterpreter functions and if yes, how?

Forum Thread : Shellter and Metasploit

All of us want our payloads to be FUD. 99% succeed but not me, I am stuck here everything i try ends with windows threat protection found a virus, i know that you try to viruse your PC on purpse but i don't care so i delete it. So everytime i want to try my payload i have to t ...more

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