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Forum Thread : Hack the Network

Hi All ! To hack a computer in Network there is many ways ! but its not 100% Is there a good way to hack a computer in LAN ? I know Beef Dns Spoofing Injecting All Downloaded softwares via HTTP Fake update ..

Forum Thread : Windows Exploits !

I have a friend that he tald me that he can hack any windows 7 with just the IP ! Using an exploit which he added to Metasploit !: I looked for that exploit but no results , and he will never tald it to me ! So : Is there really an exploit for WIndows 7 ?

Forum Thread : What ??

1- Starting Beef Framework : cd /usr/share/beef-xss && ./beef # beef started correctly ! 2- Injecting hook url with MITMF mitmf --spoof --arp -i wlan0 --gateway --target --inject --js-url But it can't go well ! what ...more

Forum Thread : BeEf Logout My Kali :/

Hello every one ! I'm using kali linux 2.0 & I set up Cobaltstrike & I added Beef Script To it ! But when I Open CObaltstrike & when Beef console Start My kali Logout :/ When i repeat it logout again ! But when I removed Beef from it ! The problem don't show again ! But i need ...more

Forum Thread : Same Problem with Kali 2.0

I forgot to take a screeshot But Here's details : When "Installing System" Finish & when it come to Finishing ans Installing GRUB it show an error ! then i have to choose Continue without GRUB installation ! Then i boot with Live and i found Old Kali files Now I have to inst ...more

Forum Thread : Problem with Kali 2

Hello ! My English is bad , sorry ! When I Install Kali 2 On my HP laptop ,it goes good but when it arrive to GRUB installation , it show me an error .. and when i reboot my Laptop , it can't boot Can i boot with live Kali and install GRUB ? If this is the solution ! How can i ...more

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