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Forum Thread : Kali Uefi Problem Windows 8

I have recently tried to make a kali usb stick to run live on some of my pc's. The usb works on my windows 7 pc but it doesn't work on my windows 8 and my windows 10 pc. I read about the problem and found it was due to lacking a uefi certificate. Is there anyway to get around ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux 2.0 Crashing in Vmware

I have tried to use kali linux in Vmware workstation but everytime i try to launch it using 32 bit live and installed, 64 bit live and installed and the pregenerated vmware images. It either goes a black screen doing startup or comes with the error "Oh No! Something has gone w ...more

Forum Thread : Hidden Wifi How to Find One?

I want to know how to find a "hidden" wifi. By hidden i mean this: Yesterday when i was at my school where there also are some school laptops. The laptops had a special wifi named "(school name) cert" however i can't find the network on my own pc which my school have another w ...more

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