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Forum Thread : Bypass Wifi Hotspot

Hi, I'm spending my vacation in a camping that have a WiFi Hotspot that offers you 10 minutes of free connection, then you have to pay. For the moment I've discovered that I can reuse this 10 minutes if I change my MAC address and browser. I've got only 3 browsers on my Pc but ...more

Forum Thread : Make Runtime Crypter

Hi, I just finished my own crypter, I write it in vb and it works "great". Scanning online it went from 27/35 detection to 1/35, the only problem is that it is only scantime. Practically it merges the stub, the crypted payload and a file to bind with, using a certain string as ...more

Forum Thread : Gather Information

Hello, I would like to attack one person, that I never seen, but I saw what he posts on facebook and it disgust me. I'm new to hacking, it's like 3 months that I started reading in this site and other forum online, I made some attack to a virtual machine, but nothing of seriou ...more

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