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Forum Thread : Proxy Chains File Not Found

Step 1: Hey all I looked up my proxychains.conf and went to edit the file and the file itself was empty. I was reading a tutorial and its supposed to open on worded out and what not. Was just curious why or where I can get the file

Forum Thread : Linux Simulation

I was just wondering if anyone on here has ever heard of a Linux simulation learning center. My trade school had CCNA for windows and it gave u a video to listen and watch in the beginning. Then u would answer questions and near the end u would do a simulation to see if u unde ...more

Forum Thread : DDOS help

Hey all, been reading the posts for about a month now and I'd like to thank OTW and a few others I cant remember now for your help. Im a visual kinda guy and prefer the finished product to analyze it to learn. I have a question question. Is there a way to back trace a dos/ddos ...more

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