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En ne regardant que le passé et le présent, On ne peux que rater l'avenir. Rien N'est Vrais, Tout Est permis

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Forum Thread : BackDoor Rendez-Vous Point

Hello folks, I've created a backdoor which uses reverse tcp, drop me your ideas about the rendez vous point my first thought was : -Create a random free website and stock my public ip address there so the backdoor will have to look there, any other profesionnel ideas?

Forum Thread : Resize a Pe File

hello how can i resize a pe file executable after infection, i created the infector, now i want to make the opposite, by deleting the sections i have created, i did delete the sections, but the size is the same :/

Forum Thread : Find OEP After Infection

Hey people of this world, I've created a virus, now i'm trying to create the anti virus, i want to calculate the Original Entry Point, i saw that in every exe, the EP always point to .text, my problem is : the OEP dont always point to the virtuel address of the .text, for exa ...more

Forum Thread : Scheduling a Task "Backdoor"

Hello people, i'm have created a backdoor, a version with C and another one with Python for windows, i'm looking to start the backdoor each minute, is there another method apart using windows scheduler with command line? ( i'm not looking for "sleep" ) PS: It's for learning ...more

Forum Thread : Wireshark and Promiscuous Problem

Hey guyys, I have a big problem with promiscuous mode, let say that when i use wireshark and enable promiscuous IN wireshark, i can only see my packets and broadcasts, AND when i use netstat -i, my adapter doesn't have that "p" Flag, but if i enable promiscuous mode with ifco ...more

Forum Thread : Metasploit Windows7

Hello peopleee, I'm looking for the most reliable way to open a session in Windows 7, the exploits i have been using are not that good, It's for educational purposes preparing my bachelor's degree :p

Forum Thread : Promiscious Mode on Wireless

Hello guys, I have a problem, i'm trying to sniff my wireless network with the promiscious mod, but i can only see packets that comes and goes of my computer, i can't see packets of other devices, but with monitor mod i can see everything but encrypted. i tried wifisky 6000mw ...more

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