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Forum Thread : Great group

Hai I haven't properly introduced myself to null byte even though I joined the group a couple of weeks back.. I was busy with my final exams.. I'm a computer science engineering student, currently doing my 3rd year. I think this is an extraordinary platform for freshers like ...more

Forum Thread : Khali Installation Problem

I am trying to install Khali on my laptop. Once I get to the disk section where I have to choose where to install it.. It's not showing any partitions I created on Windows.. It just shows the main partition.. Any idea how to fix it.... I read a bit about it, apparately it's g ...more

Forum Thread : Hai Guys

I'm really fascinated by null byte and the articles on hacking. I'm a complete beginner to this field.. I'm studying computer engineer.. I really want to get into it.. What excatly should I start with.. I would really appreciate your comments on this

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