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Forum Thread : Which Alfa Network Card?

Hi there, There are few models, some with old technology, some with new tricks. I need card for wifi pentesting (so monitor mode, packet injecting, master mode etc.). It will be great t have 5ghz to, and stable connection. Good range is also important. What antenna do you sug ...more

Forum Thread : Local Webpage Content Swap

Hi there, As SE is more and more popular, I'm trying to practice some spear phishing, but in more sophisticated way. Well, I wanted to inject some content to webpage, locally in victim's brawser. Of course I can redirect to my site, hosted on my machine or hack webserver, but ...more

Forum Thread : Karma WIFI Attack

Hi, I've been here for a while and developed a lot of skills. Today I started playing with WiFi karma attack. Of course I know how to start honeypot with particular SSID and MITM connection, inject iframes, detect that (self defence), prevent (be careful and VPN in most cases ...more

Forum Thread : Site Cloning and SET Alternatives?

Hi there! I've been crawling the Internet but got no answer. Maybe you guys can help me. I am wondering how to host multiple sites cloned by SET. Is it enough to create them one by one, copy to folders in var/www (apache server)? All captured data would be stored in txt file ...more

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